Social Capital Lunches

We believe that the most interesting and impactful research will result from combining ideas from diverse disciplines.  To facilitate these (re)combinations, CBSA is committed to facilitating connections between faculty in different departments.  For spring semester 2018, we are dedicating three of our lunch meetings to the theme of our May workshop, Autonomous Vehicles in Society.  This is a rich, multi-disciplinary topic with many angles to pursue.

Weds Jan 24.  Autonomous vehicles in Society, planning session

Weds Feb 14.   Professors Tor Hernes and Majken Schultz,  Copenhagen Business School, Centre for Organizational Time (

Weds March 21. Autonomous vehicles in Society: Research agenda

Weds April 18. Autonomous vehicles in Society: Research agenda

If you are interested in meeting some interesting faculty, sharing ideas, strategizing about research projects, and temporarily dropping your disciplinary baggage, please join us. Lunches will be held in Phillips 153 (private dining room on the West side of Snyder-Phillips Galleria).